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SSHC is a network of federally qualified health centers (FQHC), free and charitable clinics an academic medical center and community hospitals.
Our resources can be shared with the south side of Chicago and beyond.

  • Office Visit Culture

    It is important that patients are prepared for a medical visit. Patients should know what to expect in order to make the best use of the office visit time. The office visit culture documents are ideal to use as posters and/or handouts in exam rooms and waiting rooms. They are also provided as handouts at check-out.

  • Primary Care Provider Brochure

    The primary care provider brochure is a tool to support communication to patients on the “R.E.A.L.” benefits of primary care:

    • Relationship
    • Entire Health
    • Accessible
    • Link to Specialists and Other Services

    The brochure is aimed at assisting patients to understand the benefits of developing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider.

  • Consistent Messaging Framework

    Patients seek care at many different provider sites. It is important that patients understand how to navigate through the complicated health care system. Providing patients with consistent messages about healthcare is important (ED utilization, primary care medical home etc). This framework can be used across collaborative partners to align consistent messaging to patients about topics that are important to partner sites.

  • Strategic and Sustainability Planning

    When working together with Collaborative partners agreeing upon the initiatives that bring the most value to collaborative partners is a critical component of the success of the organization. The South Side Healthcare Collaborative engages in Strategic and Sustainability Planning every 2-3 years. This work helps to keep the organization moving forward meeting its goals as it relates to improving health of the population they serve.

  • Insurance Q & A

    The Insurance Q & A is a communication developed to provide “plain language” information to help better understand insurance and how to use it. The document is meant to be distributed to patients and/or the general community.



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